Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Quiet answer to prayer

I had been pondering and praying about the busy-ness of G's schedule.
Monday Piano 5:30 to 6
Tuesday ~ Swim team Practice 6 to7
Wednesday ~ Cub Scouts 7 to 8:15
Thursday ~ Swim team practice 6 to 7
Friday ~ Finally an entire free evening
I just kept thinking this was too much running!
G is at the point that he doesn't like Piano, but it comes really natural to him so after discussing it with Hubby we decided that it was not something he should drop.
He needs a sport and he really likes cub scouts.
Then an answer to my prayers ....
Last week the Piano teacher mentioned that she could give him lessons at half the price if we were to go to her house (cutting out the community center that we'd been going through).
AND she lives right next to the church (cub scouts).
So we've eliminated Monday night lessons and just head out a bit earlier on Wednesday!
and it's half the price!!!
I'm so thankful that things just worked out both for G and our wallet!

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