Saturday, September 5, 2009

Adventures in Subbing 09/10 #2

This week started a 6 day subbing job in my favorite place Kindergarten!

Day one is a GREAT challenge. This is only day 17 of school, these children had never been to school 18 days ago ... I had to keep reminding myself! They'd gotten use to their teacher (who is a brand new teacher fresh out of college) for 16 days and then here I come in! I'm sure their little kindergarten minds are swirling.

I do have to say that it was so sweet the first morning. Their teacher is getting married and leaving on her honeymoon. She had told them that and that Mrs **** was coming in while she was gone. their little Kindergarten minds most of them got all that confused and I quickly became either Mrs Honeymoon or Mrs Honey or Mrs Moon and rarely Mrs ****. It was hard to get on to them when they're call you Mrs Honey!?!

By noon they had the name thing straighten out ... and the trouble had began.... there are 5 boys in this class that are a hand full ...and if you do the math I don't have 5 hands!

At the end of the day, I sternly chatted with the class and told them that I expected a better day tomorrow. AND I got it. I've always said it, If you're going to sub you really need to do at least 2 days in the class, Day one is HORRIBLE but it only gets better every day after that!

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Anonymous said...

Mrs. Honeyham, sounds like you got em under control.