Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sampling through Costco!

Yesterday G and I went to Costco. That was good, but I knew....

I'd eaten breakfast later and then didn't eat lunch ... do you see what's coming?

Costco always has great snacks or samplings, whatever you chose to call them.

I didn't buy all the snacks, but I did get some. I passed on the polish sausages, knowing that I was the only one in my family that liked them thus the only one that would eat them. G tried them too, but still we passed.

We got the Hummus and Garden flavored pita chips. I love this Hummus and have had it in the past but the chips were new to us.

We got the salsa (that we already love) but got the Margarita lime flavored chips that we'd never had.

We skipped snacking on their pot stickers (I don't know why we like those but somehow we missed the stand)

We did try and got the fish sticks. G loves McD's fish sandwiches and these really tasted like that. We even had them for supper.

We tried the strawberry jelly but passed.

We tried the veggie chips and passed on those.

See I didn't get everything I snacked on!

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