Friday, May 30, 2008

Five fer Friday

#1 ~ When I went into town this morning I was in need of gas. I passed the $3.79 because I thought they were more than the other place in town. I drove to the other place only to find gas at $3.84. I turned around and headed back to $3.79.

#2 ~ G fixed dinner for us. His favorite cocktail meatballs in the crock pot. I wowed my sons with making my own brown sugar! W was impressed and G just kept saying "Mom, if these don't taste the same we'll know it's your brown sugar." O ye of little faith.

#3 ~ I went to the doctor. It's not Meniere's disease , he thinks it could be my thyroid. I'm getting an ultrasound on that that next week.

#4 ~ W took G to the pool this afternoon. Yay for brotherly love!

#5 ~ hubby spent the afternoon in the ER. Long story that had been going on for a week, but the end result is hubby has two blood clots (one a the top of both legs). Nothing to be alarmed about since he has a filter that prevents them from getting to his heart and lungs. After 5 1/2 hours they sent him home with meds to break them up.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

We have a great Memorial Day tradition and this morning's rain didn't stop us. We meet with the rest of our church's congregation at the local park's one shelter for Breakfast. Pancakes, bacon, eggs, and juice are the menu. Everyone brings their own plates, silverware and cups to enjoy Pancakes in the Park!

I can remember the first Memorial day we were in this area and we had to find the park for the first time. We heard stories of how they hold this tradition no matter the weather and that has proven true. We have eaten pancakes in the park in the HEAT, in the COLD and today in the RAIN!

G has been to Pancakes in the Park every Memorial Day of his life!

Cost of Things

Gas ~ 3.77 per gallon
Iron Kids bread ~2.99 loaf
Koolaid ~ .20 per package
potatoes ~ 2.69 per 5#
Skim Milk ~ 3.29 per gallon
2% milk ~ 3.59 per gallon
Red Seedless Grapes ~ 2.19 per pound

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Well this day started VERY early and is ending VERY late but there was rest in the middle!

The storm of the day moved in here around 4:20am (yawn)with winds, thunder and lighting. This woke up our "Weather Worrier" G. He was more than happy to help me close windows at 4:30am! (yawn) but was quite eager to leave me for the comfort of W's bedroom in the basement! By the time all of the storm and our 'weather worrier' were under control it was 4:55am (yawn). My alarm was set to go off at 5:10am, that doesn't mean that I got up then, that was around 5:40am (yawn).

W had a soccer game in the city at 7am (Yawn) so we needed to leave here at 6am (yawn). (I was suppose to sign a release so I had to go!) The storm as calmer but still going ~ but the fun thing about soccer they don't cancel games until the VERY end ~ this game didn't get canceled but the lighting stopped and it only rained. W played the field most of the game they lost. We were all done with that game by 9am (yawn).

I came home and napped for about an hour (or two). Then went back to see most of W's second game (they lost again). I didn't like the team that W was playing for ~ he was a sub at the last minute and that's always difficult but this team had some trash talkers. In my opinion if they'd play as much as they talked they'd done a lot better!

I stopped at a great BBQ place and brought home Ribs!

Now I'm awake (10:45pm) doing laundry!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Finally Friday!

This has been a week full of Fridays ~ first W's Friday was Monday (his last day of school) and then G's Friday was Thursday (his last day of school), but the official Friday is finally here!
Summer Vacation day#1
The first day of official Summer break was spent, getting this done. G and I took every thing out of his room, vacuumed, and then decided what could be given away and what needed to stay! I was so excited when G said, "you know Mom I don't need all these toys!" I wondered
"Just How can this be?"
but didn't ask twice! and started boxing things up! This took us all morning and then I switched out his winter clothes for summer clothes.
Then we took a exercise trip, G on his bike with Skipper and I walking. This is fun and will give G the extra exercise boost that his little legs need. For those of you that don't know we live on a hill. If we turn to the north it's a series of hills, up and down, up and down to the highway. If we turn to the south it's long slow decent with a nice plateau in the middle. It's always nice to walk that way going away from the house! As a matter of fact when we turned around to start coming back G said "let's go back to our drive way and then do this again!" He'd changed his mind by the time we'd gotten back to the drive way. We chatted about how if worked at it peddling all the way back up the hills then he'd surely be the fastest boy in 3rd grade. He like the thought of that.
Oh, then lucky G got a phone call telling us that he'd won 4 tickets to see
"Walking with the Dinosaurs"
(I'll talk more about this when we go)
W slept late, after making a big deal yesterday about how he was going to consistently try to be out of bed before 10am! I had to finally go get him up at 11:30! Guess he can work on this next week. He had some errand to run for us and now is playing music to my ears! Weed Eating! the first time this season, so he has plenty to do!
Oh, we put the puzzle away only to have it be replaced by the Butterfly Hut, with the little cups of butterfly larva (caterpillars) sitting close by. Then there is the bowl with the snake skin, that G found in the yard a few days ago, sitting close by. My dining room table has become a nature retreat!
It's cloudy and humid today, but not too warm.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The 550 piece puzzle is done!

G started this puzzle Saturday morning and finished it last night. Everyone that walked through the dining room worked on this puzzle. G even proclaimed that there were pieces missing sometime in the middle of it. This is the second 550 piece puzzle we've done and really enjoyed it. G was really impressed with himself when he saw the box said, "Ages 12 and up". He has a great eye for working on puzzles. He is so proud of himself! We all enjoy it but unfortunately we can't eat at our dining room table while we're working on them, but it's worth it for a few days.
There is one more puzzle by this artist that we're headed to get, but we'll wait a couple of weeks before we start another one!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hump Day Updates

Well, as you can tell my computer time is being zapped up by W. His last day of school was Monday and that's the last time I have time to post!

G's week has been eventful. On Monday they visited their new school. This is the same school where he plays basketball in the winter so he was already familiar with it and in G's mind he didn't need the tour. Along with the tour of a classroom, the library, he got to play on their playground that has a lot of brand new and fun things, but was most impressed with the thought that they'd be doing shuttle runs the long way in the new gym!

G had field day (1/2 day) on Tuesday. The weather was perfect, sunny, warm with a breeze. I thought it was chilly but then I wasn't running around. They played tug of war,

Sponge Races

Gunny Sack Races

Drip Drip Drench

(similar to Duck Duck Goose only with a wet sponge)

and ended with races on the track.

They were worn out and hungry when I left at noon!

W hasn't been as busy this past week. He opted out of all of his finals, a privilege he got since he'd done so well on his standardized test, so that made his last day on Monday. He has signed up for play for a soccer tournament team this summer. They've been practicing without him until track season was over. He got to practice with them finally on Monday evening.

He slept late on Tuesday, got on the computer until he left for the mall, and to the movies that evening.

Today he went to clean out his locker and amazingly brought home 2 duffel bags full of stuff!?

Just how can this be?

I haven't seem the contents of the bags and I'm not sure I want to!

He doesn't have a summer job yet and he doesn't seem too worried about it (unlike the rest of us in the house)! His $ will run out soon enough.

There is a great picture of W in today paper. It's from the Blue Jean Concert last week, but I can't find the picture on their website. I'll keep looking!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Sunday, May 18, 2008


There is a joy when bubbles are floating through the air!

G has a Mama Jama Gazillion bubble machine. This machine makes the most beautiful big bubbles and Gazillion bubble solution is the best. The bubbles last forever! They floated all over the field, well, those that could escape G.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Price of things~

Gas ~ $3.66 per gallon
Poptarts ~ 2.09 box of 8
bananas ~ .69 per pound
skim milk ~ 3.25 per gallon
sugar ~1.89 per 4 pound bag
Weed eater ~ $189

Track Season is over for us

Yesterday was the Regional Track meet. Going in W knew that he was going to have pull some amazing jumps, and being W he believed he could do it.

He was seated 9th in the Region and we think that's just about where he stayed. They took the top 8 into the finals and he didn't make it there. The top 4 went on to State.

W spent the rest of the evening trying to figure out how many of these jumpers are Seniors and how many will return next year. Unfortunately the kid from L is a Junior, well that will give W a mark to beat next year.

Since W is a 'live in the moment' kids now he's on to a summer traveling tournament Soccer team!

Getting things done Saturday!

G and I got up early, well G got up at the regular time. I was awaken by the opening of toilet paper in my ear! ? Guess there wasn't any in the bathroom but I still wonder why it had to be opened on the bed, on my pillows? this could very well be a

"Just how can this be?"

G worked on his 550 piece puzzle until I was ready to get up! Trust me I was getting regular updates.

We then started our errands ~ the bank, the library, Home Depot and then the grocery store. This used up our entire morning.

We then came home and got busy doing our springtime chores. G and I washed window screens and put them up. I always have mixed feelings about putting the screens on. They defuse the sunshine so it's not so bright and I really like the bright sun shine, but then I love to open the windows. Guess I can't have both.

I then send W out to mow and G downstairs to put hubby's medical supplies up while I planted a couple of butterfly bushes. I've planted several butterfly bushes last year but we had a puppy last year and I suppose they seemed liked good chew toys!? These plants have a better chance, I hope.

I guess I'd better wrap up this post since the boys' are about to figure out that Mom's out of chores.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

WOW what a day!

Left home at 7:45am because today is
THE big 2nd Grade field trip Day!
The 3 buses took the students to the Stadium

over an hour away!

We weren't the only school there.

This is just one parking lot filled with buses! The morning was filled with fun stuff

Science experiments, weather experiments and facts, and the helicopter flew in

just lots of fun stuff.

G with his friends at lunch

then back into the stadium for the ball game

along with 21,000 other students!

We were WAY up at the top

just 10 rows from the top The little girl that sat next to me kept commenting

just how small the men were.

There were trips up and down the stairs, climbing over people

for the bathroom, cotton candy, snow cones, bathrooms, nachos, hot dogs, bathrooms

Not just for G and I but for the all 4 of my children I was in charge of!

I didn't miss my workout today!

We got back at 6pm!

I didn't lose any of the children I was in charge of ~ that's always a plus. The weather was great for the game and we were in the shade (the plus of being SO high), so no burnt kids!

It was a great day!

When we got back to the school we had an hour to get to W's Concert that gave G and I just enough time to grab supper at Subway and head to the auditorium.

We then watched the High School's Blue Jean Concert. This is the end of the year FUN concert where the graduating seniors sing solos, or senior groups along with the choirs. W's Madrigal group had wanted to sing their favorite "Tambur" one last time but the director didn't put it on the schedule! One of the senior boys gave up his solo so they could all sing it together one last time. There wasn't a Madrigal parent in the crowd with a dry eye.

got home at 9:30pm because

we'd done it all!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

made me wonder.........

I 'freecycled' (explanation of that below) a dog house yesterday and when the people came to pick it up. They were a nice couple, retired school teacher living in our little town. After we discussed the dog house for a bit the husband asked his wife if she'd told me what she was going to use it for.
This made me wonder!
The wife said "no, I didn't want her to think I was crazy."
This made me wonder MORE!
The wife has a pet BOBCAT!
This made me wonder still!
She loves animals and had found a breeder so she has a pet bobcat. She said it was just like a regular house cat only 40 pounds. She has moved it out of the house since she has a Yorkie
This made me wonder, Just how can this be?
They invited me by whenever I was in town to see Kenko, the pet bobcat!
**Freecycle explanation ~ this is a program to help people connect when they have unwanted items. Everything must be offered FREE. I have used it for a couple of years and have gotten rid of tons of the things!
to find it in your area

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Anniversary Hubby!

19 years ago today!

Blooming Monday!

Since my boys had started my deck flowers I went and got more flowers this morning. They were still looking a bit traumatized by the all the handling and re-potting but I'm so excited to watch them "bloom where they're planted". I'll post more pictures when they're looking their best!
I have these plants hanging from my deck railing. There are 3 hangers and I just love them, they are so pretty.

I have a little cactus colony! I love my cactus' in their bright pots. A lot of these little guys have been gifts from my friends, my sons and myself! Some of them have special meaning like the starter plant that my sister in law gave me from hubby's grandma's plant.

I moved these out last week on a wonderfully warm and sunny spring afternoon. A couple of mornings this weekend I thought I'd look out and see them wrapped in their winter coats. I'm sure they were chilly.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

One Great Day!

Mother's day 2008
The cards from my boys were beautifully addressed thanks to W.
They presented me with flowers for my deck and some chocolates.
G's Baptism Day

What a great way to spend Mother's Day by watching my baby be Baptized. By doing this G has promised to fellow Christ, by his actions, his words, and faith.

Both hubby and I are extremely proud of G.

G planned the entire event. Once the day had been selected he started in planning mode. He selected the music and the speakers then made all the phone calls himself! The only time he asked for help was when it would take him too long to dial the numbers, then he would ask hubby or I to "dial quicker". He did a great job.

**hum?the date on my camera is off a day**

Saturday, May 10, 2008


This was a busy Saturday morning!

First of all ~ I'm tired! I've gotten hooked on this new show on CMT called "Can you Duet", but I don't ever know when the current episode is on. Well, I discovered the current show repeating late last night, LATE last night. I tried to DVR it but somehow W could and would shut it off. This meant that I had to lay there awake making sure that W didn't shut of the recording! When I finally thought it was safe to go to sleep, the show was over and it was 1am!
By the way the current show is on Friday at 7 (central time), I figured this out this morning.

This morning was full of errands, the Post office, the gym, swim lesson sign ups. Oh, let me tell you about Swim lesson sign ups. I mentioned to G last week that it was time to sign up for swim lessons to which he replied, "I don't think I'll take swim lessons this year."

mom ~ "yea, we take swim lessons every year that's just what we do."

G ~ "well, not this year! I know how to swim and I don't need them."

mom ~ "well, in this family as long as there is a swim lesson still for you to complete, then you'll take swim lessons."

G ~ "oh, OK"

After all my errands I went to watch W in the "P-town Beat down" HS Dodge Ball Tournament. There were 16 teams of 6 (5 on the floor at a time). W's team came in 2nd. It was fun to watch and FAST moving.

I just wanted to share the amazing picture I got of the clouds tonight. The wind was blowing so fast, the clouds were moving quickly, but fortunately it wasn't stormy for us.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

League Track Meet

First let me just say that this having a track meet on Thursday has thrown my whole day off. The weather was perfect, just a gentle breeze. My face didn't get wind burnt this time but got a little sun burnt! My lips just can't get a break during track season!

W placed 5th in the League with a jump of 39'03". He was disappointed in himself, thinking that he could have done better. Hey! he was ranked 7th in the League before today!
The first place jump was a 44', the kid did it on his first jump and then didn't jump anymore! He was an amazing jumper.

1st D 44'
2nd D 42'03+"
3rd L 42'03"
4th E 40'07"
5th P 39'03"

On to Regional next FRIDAY!

price of things

.69 per pound of Bananas
$3.29 per gallon of 2% Milk
.69 per container of YoPlait yogurt
$2.50 a cantaloupe
$3.46 per gallon of gasoline (*that was a couple of days ago)
$3.59 per gallon of gasoline (*today)

*I posted these and then went to town!

Cotton vs flannel

Getting ready for bed has become a challenge.
Cotton vs flannel
Which would be more suitable for that night?
Last night I thought cotton would be good, wrong I was chilly.
A couple of nights ago I went with flannel but changed right before getting into bed.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hump Day Updates

Things are so mundane around here that I'm questioning even giving an update, but it's Wednesday and here goes what I have.

I mowed on Monday. Skipper, the dog got all frisky as I mowed, but finally moved out to the field to stare at a hole. After several hours of mowing he finally brought me his "lucky rabbit's foot" to show me!

Hubby and G planted their "Earthbox" Big Boy tomatoes, after playing catch with the football for a while.

W has been suffering with shin splints. Hubby and I have been trying to get him to take it slow but it's not soaking in with League this week and Regionals next week. W did find out that he is ranked 7th in the League. Evidently there is a kid in the League jumping 44' that

W has not competited against. W is now hoping that everyone else has a bad meet, with him soaring further than he's ever! He's a teenager with a dream!

Yesterday, I went to the city for a routine doctor's appointment, and then some errands, mostly returns!

Today was teacher appreciation! We sent petunias, begonias, and marigolds to the secretaries, the principal, the helpers in G class, along with his teachers!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Sign of the times

G came home with his enrollment forms for next year. Right up at the top where you fill in the information concerning your home life, there were new questions this year.

Is anyone in your home in active military duty?
Is anyone in your home deployed?
Could anyone in your home be deployed in the next year?

Just How Can This be?

G and I have chatted about having a "Messy Day Party" when school was out but I never committed a day or time due to our busy schedule.

When I picked G up from school last Friday he announced that he'd given out the Messy Day party invitations!

"WHAT? I didn't make any invitations!"

"OH, Mom I made them during school and gave them to my class and other friends." "I put the date and time along with our address!"

We then had a conversation about how this was a Mommy thing. "Mommy needed to pick a date and time and help make the invitations"

Well, I just got my first phone call concerning the Party the day after school. This mom (of a boy in another class! not G's!) said that she wondered about it but it looked official with our address and all!

Any ideas what G and I will be chatting about on the way home from school today?

update ~ G says he only made and gave out 4 invitations and that he'd already told the boys that there was no party. I think only time will tell!?!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Track Meet by the Numbers

25 School buses in the parking lot
I was there 2 hours before W's first jump
it was 60 degrees when I arrived
the wind was strong at about 30 mph
one school drove 6 hours to get there
we drove 30 minutes
3 1/2 hours G played Game boy under a blanket
W is ranked 3rd in the tri-county
W jumped a 39'10"
Kid from L jumped 39'10 1/2"
it was 40 degrees when I left
thankful for 3 layers of clothing
Wind still blowing at about 30 mph
Total hours G played Game boy 4
W placed 3rd
6 days to the League Track Meet
15 days to regional track Meet
21 days to the State Track Meet
1 Mom that prays he'll do his best

Friday, May 2, 2008

Nearly Blown away

Along with spring comes Spring storms! The temperature got to a very sultry 80 degrees yesterday. It was yucky, humid and sticky, then the storms rolled in. The worst of the first storms were about 25 miles away. We could see the storm clouds, and had the wind but nothing else in the first round.

G our weather worrier was doing his job very well. Hubby kept him busy playing chess, but G kept his eye on the west.

I put up the air mattress in W's room and put G to sleep there. Far, far away from the night storms. That worked like a charm, G slept all night long and never knew the "rest of the story".

The rest of the story was we were on the edge of another storm at 1:20am. This time the wind was stronger, the rain was harder, and there was little hail. Made me wonder if I wanted to go down stairs and sleep with the boys! Every thing was quiet again by 1:45.

Today the wind so wild, but not as warm or humid.