Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our Every Day America!

I just wanted you to be the first to see .....

Our Every Day America

it's a new blog that some friends and I started.

Go visit it, and enjoy!

Life on Thursday

First of all when I work up at 7am it was 34 degrees! Brrrrrr! I finally gave in a turned the heater on, just to take the chill off!

Today was a day off, I had subbed the last two days. I actually turned down work today since I really really needed to get somethings done.

Like ...
Hubby's work stuff
get Hubby's absentee ballot
change the beds
vote for my self.

In our state you can vote early! Hallelujah! When I went to get Hubby's form for absentee voting, they gave me a website where I could go get a sample ballot! Hallelujah #2

I wanted to vote but I had no idea who, what or where to do it (well, ok I knew where). Ya see we live on the state border, and all the ads we see on TV are for the other state and man is that annoying. To sit through hours and hours of negative campaign ads and it's not even anyone I can really have an opinion on!

Then we live just next to a big metro suburb. They run some tv commercials. They are in the same state BUT I can't vote for their representatives!?!

Then one the people running for governor (of our state) is from the next town over, so I had no idea who was even running against him! Seems his opponents didn't think they should waste their time in our neck of the woods.

Oh I did have an opinion abut this one lady that is running for state representative! She didn't get my vote simply because she uses automated calling. She calls me about once aweek, (at least) telling me her opinion! She needed to go! simply because I was tired of having to answer her phone calls only to hear her automated message! I think she should respect the No Call List!

SOOOO today I looked over my sample ballot and researched! and then went to vote!

I've cast my vote, now I want all the ad campaign commercials to JUST GO AWAY!

Tonight, we (hubby and I) are helping G with his school's mock state election ballot. He was quite disappointed that all the people he had opinions on (come the negative commercials) weren't on his ballot! He see all the mud slinging on tv and on the radio, too!

We had roast and potatoes for supper. See a real meal when I have time!

Friday, October 22, 2010

5 fer Friday

1 ~ Since both boys were home this morning (at least until 9:20), I fixed Cinnamon Rolls. Well, fix is abit strong, Rhodes fixed the rolls, I opened them pan and turned on the oven. OH BUT I did put the cream cheese frosting (that Rhodes fixed and put in the pan with the frozen rolls) on the Rolls! There was some fixing on my part.

2 ~ G and I moved the Cacti in. It's suppose to rain this weekend and they are so much easier to move when they don't have water in them! I just don't see that the weather will be warm too much longer, it is the last week of October afterall. Then he was off to play with a friend. It's so nice to work with him when there is a pot of Gold at the end for him!

3~ Did you know there are new Pennies? I didn't either! until W brought a few home. They are lighter than old pennies, and not as uniform (the edges) as old pennies. As a matter of fact I began saying, I don't think they're real until Hubby gave me that look and said, "Who would counterfeit Pennies?" Of course he'd seen a show (sometime while he's been bed bound this summer) about how they were making the new pennies.

4~ My neighbor's trees seemed to have peaked this week! They are just beautiful!

5~ G has grown an inch in 6 months! He's quite thrilled with himself! I'm not so thrilled, it's time to start buying/wearing jeans again. It's horrible buying that boy jeans!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Life on Thursday

Today was G's Parent Teacher Conference. The Kid is amazing! He's bright, makes good grades,
his teacher loves him and he TALKS.
I simply told that that wasn't going to change.
He talked early and has been talking ever since! I just have to show you my neighbor's tree!
Isn't a wonderful. They have a great mix of color in their yard.

It was also Friend day for G. He had Mason over.
They been great today, playing boy games inside and out.
They just came to me asking if they could have all the pillows
from upstairs for a tent downstairs.....?

We got to see excitement at Walmart today.
There were 2 police cars in the parking lot.
with 2 policemen handcuffing a woman!

Funny thing is, she was behind a car, standing with her hands behind
her back, handcuffed while the police stand around her,
AND her friend is casually putting her Walmart bags in the car.
Just like nothing unusual was happening.

I had G and Mason with me so they were full of questions.
"Mom, what did she do?"
"What could she do at Walmart that was illegal?"

When I got inside we heard they (or she'd) shoplifted.

I let G program the ringtone on my phone yesterday. Today I received a phone call......Very Extreme Heavy metal! I had to laugh, thus was laughing with I answered it!

Tonight is soccer practice

and we'll have spaghetti for supper.
Hubby and W don't really like spaghetti
so I'll pick up frozen pizzas for them!

Oh and I made my own laundry soap today!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Life on Thursday

I got a good workout in this morning! I despise the stair climber machine and this morning we had a date! I was glad when I was done.

When I got home W was still here. This is his early day at school, so I thought he'd overslept, even though I'd sent him a "Smotherhood" text and a phone call to make sure he was up! He was still here casually eating his cheerios! I decided not to fire my guns at him as soon as I walked in the door, but finally mentioned that I was surprised he was still here and not in a rush...... He didn't have school today! Fall break! but didn't bother to tell anyone else about it! That's what he gets, smotherhood, if he's not going to inform me!

Then to finish the PTO Carnival Thank you Notes. 70 of them to be exact. Yes, I know they were on last Thursday's to do list. Can you say PROCRASTINATION! well, you can say it but I live it! I did get them done but not before it was confirmed that I'd lost my mind. I had 20 note cards from the lady last year, so I need to make 50 more. I figured out a new format that had 3 on a page and I started printing. I printed 30 pages before I realized I didn't need 50 pages, I just needed 50 cards. I'd like to think I'm just helping next year's lady out by getting her Thank you notes all done!, right......No, I've lost my mind!

Then I came to home to work on some Insurance paper, only to discover that I'd used all my printer ink on the Thank yous!

Off to pick up G after school, and a quick trip into Walmart for Printer ink!

Home to finish the Insurance papers and then off to work in the yard. The rain had made the weeds grow and then grass alittle bit! I was almost done mowing but ran out of gas! My boys used MY lawn mower gas for the ATV .... rotten kids!

So I moved to cleaning up my deck and working on my Cacti. I love cleaning up the deck in the fall. I love it about as much as I love getting the deck ready in the spring. I love my little Cacti, they usually just get tucked away in a rush in the fall, but today I worked with them, repotting some and moving them around on the deck. I don't understand a cacti that doesn't like the sun, but I have some. Today they all got some attention and a new place to sit in the cooler sun!

G had a friend over so we had Mac n' Cheese with Ham for supper.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Ramblings

It rained!

About 17 days ago I winterized the yard. I hurried because it was suppose to rain that night. The rain missed us. So our weatherman has been telling us just how dry we are since it hasn't rained in 17 days. For us it was well over 20 days. We were dry. The trees looked like they were all brown but it was just dust all over them.

AAAaaahhhhh what a refreshing day. Today everything was washed cleaned.

I was enjoying the rain until I noticed that I'd driven the Van with wipers that have issues! Oh, well, the rain was still nice! AND guess what, it might rain ALL night LONG!

Hmmm, now the winterize will take effect and I'll have to mow again. Oh Well, it is what it is!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday's weekly recap

This week was a good balance, some busy some slow.

Since Hubby is bed bound I try not to leave him for very long. PLUS the fact I thought I was waiting on a piece of medical equipment only to discover the piece never was coming. I did this for 2 days! I guess I'm either gullible or slow to catch on!?! I'm just too nice and believe whatever the customer service girl tells me! Oh, wait shouldn't have started with that.

This is a better place to start ....

G made a cookie of the United States.
Notice the Mountains? the desert?
and the Mississippi River?
I went to get my Obitz tooth replaced.

OK, this isn't me
(just in case you needed to know)
but my temporary crown seemed to sparkle
like this! it was much much whiter than my
old yellowed teeth! On Wednesday I got my
new old yellowed colored crown!
I started another blog with some friends of mine.
I'm excited to share it but you'll just have to wait a few more days!

We ordered Mexican take out on Friday night
it was so yummy!
This morning we were back to Saturday morning
soccer! G had 2 games back to back.

Look I was there!

I took my own picture!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Third Surgery the Charm??

Last week Hubby had Surgery #3 of the summer! This was suppose to be the only surgery this summer, but other things arose wanting surgery also! but we won't go into all of that, just to say FINALLY Hubby's shoulder had it's surgery.

Now shoulder surgery is a big thing on it's own, but when you already have 2 legs that don't work, it's a HUGE thing to take away an arm. It must have really REALLY hurt for Hubby to decide it was time to go down to just one arm!

Going into this surgery we knew that Hubby had a Slap Tear, which is where the bicep has torn away from the Labrum, ALONG with a torn rotator Cup. When they got in there, they found just what they thought for the Slap Tear (wasn't a big deal), but the torn rotator cup was fringed on the outside (between the collar bone and the rotator cup). That was odd, and all the surgery could do was smooth it out. When I asked how this would have occurred, it's comes from pushing his body up with his arms.... ahhhh, exactly what he does all the time.

Also at this point, the surgery discussed a motorized wheelchair with me, NOT HUBBY. Evidently they can only fix rotator cups' 2x and Hubby has now had both of his fixed once. I informed the doctor that HE'D have to tell Hubby that bit of news!

Hubby has now been home and totally bed bound for a week and a half. We 're working on getting a lift so I can get him into his wheelchair BUT there seems to be some customer service issues with Apria Healthcare. I won't go there, but I will be writing a letter of complaint!

Hubby goes to the doctor in another week and an a half, BUT can't put any weight on that arm for 12 weeks after surgery! It will be a Merry Christmas when he is turned lose!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Life on Thursday

Here is my list of to do for today ....

*clean kitchen - just to get dirty again!
*pay bills - done and mailed
*laundry - constant work in progress
*clean back bed room - done
*deal with customer service - done
*paint the ceiling - did some, but need a taller ladder
*work up stairs for 45 minutes - it'll be there tomorrow (and the day after....)
*make supper - late but done
*bank deposit - forgot it, move it first thing tomorrow
*exercise - walked 2.5 miles on the track and climbed the bleachers
*soccer practice - done
*Move Hubby's van inside - done but should have taken it to wash first
*PTO thank you notes - aw drats, totally forgot about these!
*recycling out- Most of it gone!

add ons.....
*Helping with homework - passed that off to Hubby
*cleaning the bathroom - almost done
*Helping Hubby - done
*unexpected nap on the couch - ughh done

*now to shower and head to bed!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

American Royal BBQ 2010

This past weekend Big Bro (aka Smitty of Smitty Smoke Patrol fame) competed in the American Royal BBQ.

We went

we experienced

we watched

we had fun

we tasted(my favorite part)

we watched Big Bro (aka Smitty) walk away with an award

In the Open**, Big Bro's chicken finished 8th (out of over 500 entries).

See that picture with the glorious green ribbon?!?!

Smitty's Smoke Patrol finished with an overall 40 (out of those same 500 entered).

Now Big Bro (aka Smitty) is off to Lynchburg.

Then the pressure to qualify to come to the American Royal again!

**side note ... Smitty's Smoke Patrol had the honor of being in the invitational American Royal BBQ on Saturday. They finished 68 out of 138 that day.

Monday's Ramblings: amount due

Several years on a dentist visit, I was accosted by the exiting office staff. You know the lady that sits at the desk as you leave and has you sign things, tells you what you owe, or (like me) simply say, "we'll bill your insurance."

This very person who abused her dentist office authority (in my opinion), stated in her most uppity tone, looking down her nose at me, "Mrs ******, you have an delinquent account, and you'll have to take care of it today"

I was shocked! I didn't know I had an delinquent account, by the tone her voice I was sure I was lower than lower by not paying my bill. Finally, I gathered my deadbeat self and said something like (I don't recall my exact response as I tried to picked myself out of the hole), "I'm sorry I didn't realize I had any balance with your office."

She lowered her glasses (I'll never forget her) and said, "well, I'll check your account." My embarrassment level has just shot through the roof! Then she said it, "you have an amount of $7 and some change due." I couldn't believe HER, she made me feel like this for $7 bucks????,

I then said, "I'm surprised I didn't pay that bill."
that's when she said her gem ..... "WWWWelllllll, we don't send bills for less than $10"

She made me feel this way for something she never told me about????

This whole ramble comes from a bill that we got last week .... Hubby got a bill for $1.78, we also got another one for $9.49 ~ these bills would have NEVER been sent out by my OLD dentist but needless to say, these are my favorite kind of bills!

It works the other way too! A couple of weeks ago, the US Treasury sent my boys each a check, W's for 90 cents and G's for $2.10. I have no idea why, but they did.