Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday's weekly recap

This week was a good balance, some busy some slow.

Since Hubby is bed bound I try not to leave him for very long. PLUS the fact I thought I was waiting on a piece of medical equipment only to discover the piece never was coming. I did this for 2 days! I guess I'm either gullible or slow to catch on!?! I'm just too nice and believe whatever the customer service girl tells me! Oh, wait shouldn't have started with that.

This is a better place to start ....

G made a cookie of the United States.
Notice the Mountains? the desert?
and the Mississippi River?
I went to get my Obitz tooth replaced.

OK, this isn't me
(just in case you needed to know)
but my temporary crown seemed to sparkle
like this! it was much much whiter than my
old yellowed teeth! On Wednesday I got my
new old yellowed colored crown!
I started another blog with some friends of mine.
I'm excited to share it but you'll just have to wait a few more days!

We ordered Mexican take out on Friday night
it was so yummy!
This morning we were back to Saturday morning
soccer! G had 2 games back to back.

Look I was there!

I took my own picture!

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Sandra said...

I swear you are busier than I am with just G!!!! You go girl :)