Friday, October 8, 2010

Third Surgery the Charm??

Last week Hubby had Surgery #3 of the summer! This was suppose to be the only surgery this summer, but other things arose wanting surgery also! but we won't go into all of that, just to say FINALLY Hubby's shoulder had it's surgery.

Now shoulder surgery is a big thing on it's own, but when you already have 2 legs that don't work, it's a HUGE thing to take away an arm. It must have really REALLY hurt for Hubby to decide it was time to go down to just one arm!

Going into this surgery we knew that Hubby had a Slap Tear, which is where the bicep has torn away from the Labrum, ALONG with a torn rotator Cup. When they got in there, they found just what they thought for the Slap Tear (wasn't a big deal), but the torn rotator cup was fringed on the outside (between the collar bone and the rotator cup). That was odd, and all the surgery could do was smooth it out. When I asked how this would have occurred, it's comes from pushing his body up with his arms.... ahhhh, exactly what he does all the time.

Also at this point, the surgery discussed a motorized wheelchair with me, NOT HUBBY. Evidently they can only fix rotator cups' 2x and Hubby has now had both of his fixed once. I informed the doctor that HE'D have to tell Hubby that bit of news!

Hubby has now been home and totally bed bound for a week and a half. We 're working on getting a lift so I can get him into his wheelchair BUT there seems to be some customer service issues with Apria Healthcare. I won't go there, but I will be writing a letter of complaint!

Hubby goes to the doctor in another week and an a half, BUT can't put any weight on that arm for 12 weeks after surgery! It will be a Merry Christmas when he is turned lose!

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