Thursday, October 7, 2010

Life on Thursday

Here is my list of to do for today ....

*clean kitchen - just to get dirty again!
*pay bills - done and mailed
*laundry - constant work in progress
*clean back bed room - done
*deal with customer service - done
*paint the ceiling - did some, but need a taller ladder
*work up stairs for 45 minutes - it'll be there tomorrow (and the day after....)
*make supper - late but done
*bank deposit - forgot it, move it first thing tomorrow
*exercise - walked 2.5 miles on the track and climbed the bleachers
*soccer practice - done
*Move Hubby's van inside - done but should have taken it to wash first
*PTO thank you notes - aw drats, totally forgot about these!
*recycling out- Most of it gone!

add ons.....
*Helping with homework - passed that off to Hubby
*cleaning the bathroom - almost done
*Helping Hubby - done
*unexpected nap on the couch - ughh done

*now to shower and head to bed!!

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