Friday, October 22, 2010

5 fer Friday

1 ~ Since both boys were home this morning (at least until 9:20), I fixed Cinnamon Rolls. Well, fix is abit strong, Rhodes fixed the rolls, I opened them pan and turned on the oven. OH BUT I did put the cream cheese frosting (that Rhodes fixed and put in the pan with the frozen rolls) on the Rolls! There was some fixing on my part.

2 ~ G and I moved the Cacti in. It's suppose to rain this weekend and they are so much easier to move when they don't have water in them! I just don't see that the weather will be warm too much longer, it is the last week of October afterall. Then he was off to play with a friend. It's so nice to work with him when there is a pot of Gold at the end for him!

3~ Did you know there are new Pennies? I didn't either! until W brought a few home. They are lighter than old pennies, and not as uniform (the edges) as old pennies. As a matter of fact I began saying, I don't think they're real until Hubby gave me that look and said, "Who would counterfeit Pennies?" Of course he'd seen a show (sometime while he's been bed bound this summer) about how they were making the new pennies.

4~ My neighbor's trees seemed to have peaked this week! They are just beautiful!

5~ G has grown an inch in 6 months! He's quite thrilled with himself! I'm not so thrilled, it's time to start buying/wearing jeans again. It's horrible buying that boy jeans!

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