Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday's Ramblings: amount due

Several years on a dentist visit, I was accosted by the exiting office staff. You know the lady that sits at the desk as you leave and has you sign things, tells you what you owe, or (like me) simply say, "we'll bill your insurance."

This very person who abused her dentist office authority (in my opinion), stated in her most uppity tone, looking down her nose at me, "Mrs ******, you have an delinquent account, and you'll have to take care of it today"

I was shocked! I didn't know I had an delinquent account, by the tone her voice I was sure I was lower than lower by not paying my bill. Finally, I gathered my deadbeat self and said something like (I don't recall my exact response as I tried to picked myself out of the hole), "I'm sorry I didn't realize I had any balance with your office."

She lowered her glasses (I'll never forget her) and said, "well, I'll check your account." My embarrassment level has just shot through the roof! Then she said it, "you have an amount of $7 and some change due." I couldn't believe HER, she made me feel like this for $7 bucks????,

I then said, "I'm surprised I didn't pay that bill."
that's when she said her gem ..... "WWWWelllllll, we don't send bills for less than $10"

She made me feel this way for something she never told me about????

This whole ramble comes from a bill that we got last week .... Hubby got a bill for $1.78, we also got another one for $9.49 ~ these bills would have NEVER been sent out by my OLD dentist but needless to say, these are my favorite kind of bills!

It works the other way too! A couple of weeks ago, the US Treasury sent my boys each a check, W's for 90 cents and G's for $2.10. I have no idea why, but they did.

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