Thursday, October 28, 2010

Life on Thursday

First of all when I work up at 7am it was 34 degrees! Brrrrrr! I finally gave in a turned the heater on, just to take the chill off!

Today was a day off, I had subbed the last two days. I actually turned down work today since I really really needed to get somethings done.

Like ...
Hubby's work stuff
get Hubby's absentee ballot
change the beds
vote for my self.

In our state you can vote early! Hallelujah! When I went to get Hubby's form for absentee voting, they gave me a website where I could go get a sample ballot! Hallelujah #2

I wanted to vote but I had no idea who, what or where to do it (well, ok I knew where). Ya see we live on the state border, and all the ads we see on TV are for the other state and man is that annoying. To sit through hours and hours of negative campaign ads and it's not even anyone I can really have an opinion on!

Then we live just next to a big metro suburb. They run some tv commercials. They are in the same state BUT I can't vote for their representatives!?!

Then one the people running for governor (of our state) is from the next town over, so I had no idea who was even running against him! Seems his opponents didn't think they should waste their time in our neck of the woods.

Oh I did have an opinion abut this one lady that is running for state representative! She didn't get my vote simply because she uses automated calling. She calls me about once aweek, (at least) telling me her opinion! She needed to go! simply because I was tired of having to answer her phone calls only to hear her automated message! I think she should respect the No Call List!

SOOOO today I looked over my sample ballot and researched! and then went to vote!

I've cast my vote, now I want all the ad campaign commercials to JUST GO AWAY!

Tonight, we (hubby and I) are helping G with his school's mock state election ballot. He was quite disappointed that all the people he had opinions on (come the negative commercials) weren't on his ballot! He see all the mud slinging on tv and on the radio, too!

We had roast and potatoes for supper. See a real meal when I have time!

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