Thursday, October 14, 2010

Life on Thursday

I got a good workout in this morning! I despise the stair climber machine and this morning we had a date! I was glad when I was done.

When I got home W was still here. This is his early day at school, so I thought he'd overslept, even though I'd sent him a "Smotherhood" text and a phone call to make sure he was up! He was still here casually eating his cheerios! I decided not to fire my guns at him as soon as I walked in the door, but finally mentioned that I was surprised he was still here and not in a rush...... He didn't have school today! Fall break! but didn't bother to tell anyone else about it! That's what he gets, smotherhood, if he's not going to inform me!

Then to finish the PTO Carnival Thank you Notes. 70 of them to be exact. Yes, I know they were on last Thursday's to do list. Can you say PROCRASTINATION! well, you can say it but I live it! I did get them done but not before it was confirmed that I'd lost my mind. I had 20 note cards from the lady last year, so I need to make 50 more. I figured out a new format that had 3 on a page and I started printing. I printed 30 pages before I realized I didn't need 50 pages, I just needed 50 cards. I'd like to think I'm just helping next year's lady out by getting her Thank you notes all done!, right......No, I've lost my mind!

Then I came to home to work on some Insurance paper, only to discover that I'd used all my printer ink on the Thank yous!

Off to pick up G after school, and a quick trip into Walmart for Printer ink!

Home to finish the Insurance papers and then off to work in the yard. The rain had made the weeds grow and then grass alittle bit! I was almost done mowing but ran out of gas! My boys used MY lawn mower gas for the ATV .... rotten kids!

So I moved to cleaning up my deck and working on my Cacti. I love cleaning up the deck in the fall. I love it about as much as I love getting the deck ready in the spring. I love my little Cacti, they usually just get tucked away in a rush in the fall, but today I worked with them, repotting some and moving them around on the deck. I don't understand a cacti that doesn't like the sun, but I have some. Today they all got some attention and a new place to sit in the cooler sun!

G had a friend over so we had Mac n' Cheese with Ham for supper.

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