Monday, October 4, 2010

American Royal BBQ 2010

This past weekend Big Bro (aka Smitty of Smitty Smoke Patrol fame) competed in the American Royal BBQ.

We went

we experienced

we watched

we had fun

we tasted(my favorite part)

we watched Big Bro (aka Smitty) walk away with an award

In the Open**, Big Bro's chicken finished 8th (out of over 500 entries).

See that picture with the glorious green ribbon?!?!

Smitty's Smoke Patrol finished with an overall 40 (out of those same 500 entered).

Now Big Bro (aka Smitty) is off to Lynchburg.

Then the pressure to qualify to come to the American Royal again!

**side note ... Smitty's Smoke Patrol had the honor of being in the invitational American Royal BBQ on Saturday. They finished 68 out of 138 that day.

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