Thursday, October 21, 2010

Life on Thursday

Today was G's Parent Teacher Conference. The Kid is amazing! He's bright, makes good grades,
his teacher loves him and he TALKS.
I simply told that that wasn't going to change.
He talked early and has been talking ever since! I just have to show you my neighbor's tree!
Isn't a wonderful. They have a great mix of color in their yard.

It was also Friend day for G. He had Mason over.
They been great today, playing boy games inside and out.
They just came to me asking if they could have all the pillows
from upstairs for a tent downstairs.....?

We got to see excitement at Walmart today.
There were 2 police cars in the parking lot.
with 2 policemen handcuffing a woman!

Funny thing is, she was behind a car, standing with her hands behind
her back, handcuffed while the police stand around her,
AND her friend is casually putting her Walmart bags in the car.
Just like nothing unusual was happening.

I had G and Mason with me so they were full of questions.
"Mom, what did she do?"
"What could she do at Walmart that was illegal?"

When I got inside we heard they (or she'd) shoplifted.

I let G program the ringtone on my phone yesterday. Today I received a phone call......Very Extreme Heavy metal! I had to laugh, thus was laughing with I answered it!

Tonight is soccer practice

and we'll have spaghetti for supper.
Hubby and W don't really like spaghetti
so I'll pick up frozen pizzas for them!

Oh and I made my own laundry soap today!

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