Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Ramblings

It rained!

About 17 days ago I winterized the yard. I hurried because it was suppose to rain that night. The rain missed us. So our weatherman has been telling us just how dry we are since it hasn't rained in 17 days. For us it was well over 20 days. We were dry. The trees looked like they were all brown but it was just dust all over them.

AAAaaahhhhh what a refreshing day. Today everything was washed cleaned.

I was enjoying the rain until I noticed that I'd driven the Van with wipers that have issues! Oh, well, the rain was still nice! AND guess what, it might rain ALL night LONG!

Hmmm, now the winterize will take effect and I'll have to mow again. Oh Well, it is what it is!

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