Friday, August 26, 2011

Should I have a royal wave ???

This week has been a dental challenge.

I was sat down at Monday's lunch for a fabulous Bean and Brown rice Burrito! A piece of lettuce slipped out and dropped to the plate! I picked it up popped it in my mouth and chomped down!

I cracked 2 teeth. Yea a bonus 2 at once!

Now these were teeth that we (the dentist and I) had been watching. So it was ready to go at any minute.

I switch to eating on the right side of my mouth. Not an easy task.
I switch to room temperature water drinking it through a straw.

and call the dentist.

Wednesday afternoon I get the first part of my crown on the tooth that seemed to be the most sensitive. The trauma and sensitivity of the tooth after is always greater than the before!

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