Thursday, August 25, 2011

Life on Thursday

Today started getting computer things done. I always think I'm not getting anything done when I sit there all morning even though I am moving forward on this project but it's not done!

I had the first part of my crown yesterday so my mouth is sensitive so a workout was out of the picture for today. Thankfully it got better as the day worn on.

The weather was perfect today mid 80's and low humidity. Beautiful!

I had a meeting for planning the 'enrichment' meetings for the women at church this afternoon. We got all the ideas for the rest of 2011 in place and most of 2012. That's a great feeling to have those plans in place.

Made a quick stop at the grocery store, then home to enjoy another dose of Advil. Maybe it wasn't getting better I was just getting better at taking Advil!?!?

I had taken my van in for a tune up last night and they called at the last minute and said it was ready. W took me to town to get it! I was hoping to just let this van die but now we need it to LIVE for a few more months!

I spent the night doing laundry and fixed homemade Egg McMuffins for supper with fruit.

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