Sunday, August 14, 2011

the BASH is Back!

Last weekend we gathered together for Hubby's family reunion, long ago named the BASH!

It had been years (I believe 12 or 13) since we'd had the last one, so it was high time to gather together. There were the traditional BASH things, like shirts, group picture before Saturday supper, cups with our names on them, staying up too late, kids crafts, trying to figure exactly just how many bashes there have been, and what color have the shirts been and last by not least lasagna for Saturday Supper.

There is now a generation of 2nd cousins that didn't exist before. G is the youngest grandchild in the family but he fit right in with the 2nd cousins, all about his age or younger.

I for some reason am having trouble uploading pictures so .... until I figure it out! There is always the group shot.

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