Thursday, August 18, 2011

Life on Thursday

Wow this is the 2nd day of school, not as much excitement and more sleepy!

I had woken up at 4:14 and didn't go back to sleep until 5:30. I stay in bed and contemplate the problems of the world. Alright not the world's problems but I really pray over my concerns. I usually just finally ask the Lord, "OK what am I suppose to do or know." Once that is covered I can go back to sleep.

When the alarm went off, I was SSSOoooo asleep! G wasn't as eager to get the morning things done (like a shower!?!). He still made it to the Bus on time, much to all the drama that he displayed.

I then went off to visit a lady I go to church with, helped her out for a short time.

Came back home, washed a couple loads of clothes then ......

NAPPED for an hour.

My allergies have been acting up. When I was little I had horrible allergies, but as I've grown up the allergy symptoms have given way to a general worn out feeling. It usually takes a couple of days for to figure out why I don't feel good. Today was the day that the lightbulb went off. I'm not worn out because of eating junk, or not drinking enough water it's because of my allergies. Well, the lightbulb went off because I also had a sinus headache.

I have a big P.E.O project with a deadline coming up so I worked on that for an hour. I made great progress but still more to go!

G's bus ride might be short in the morning but the afternoon ride is LOOoonng! He rode yesterday for 1 hour and 45 minutes after he was out of school. The last on means the last one off!?! There is a transition station at one of the schools and that is always a mess the first few days. I'm hoping the afternoon ride will get shorter!

I still was able to go to my last semi private training session. My workout partner is a teacher so we had to switch to late afternoon.

Came home to a build your own personal pizza and salads, shower and relax

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