Wednesday, August 17, 2011

1st day of 6th grade!

My baby is in Middle School! it's not hard for me take, he's really growing up and that's fine!

He was awake this morning when I went in to get him up (at 6:45am). I wasn't surprised. We'd talked about his morning schedule last night so he knew what he had to get done. He had an omelet and a smoothie for breakfast.

He was all about independence this morning. We learned that the bus schedule this year won't be so ridiculously early so he could ride the bus in the morning. In the past it came over an hour (yes OVER an hour) before his school started. This year it seems like he'll be the last one on, and of course his school starts earlier than before. So on the bus he was.

he didn't want me to drive him to the road. I always worry that the bus won't see him. He's not real big !?! but I agreed to stay in the drive way, next to the house. I really ended up doing the dishes at the sink so I could see him get on the bus. Gave him an independent heart and me a peaceful heart.

He switches classes this year, but only within his safe and secure 6th grade pod. In case you haven't looked lately there is a big difference between 6th graders (11 years old) and 8th graders (turning 14) so that was big thing for G (and me!). He does venture out of his pod for lunch (with other 6th graders) and then the last hour of the day. Actually for G he get to go to his related Arts class just outside the pod doors until 2 quarter!

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