Thursday, August 11, 2011

Life on Thursday ~ Meltdown Version

After being on a food binge, lack of sleep vacation the past couple of days it was back to reality today. It's always the fun times that spur a meltdown day (or two) for G. He's tired and used to having too much electronics for him to quit cold turkey. I just have to hold on and let them happen while sticking to my guns! Today was that 'cold turkey' day as known as a Meltdown day".

I got a great boxing workout in. Not without a mini meltdown from G. about how he wasn't going.

Then we got home we had tons of yard work to get done. G just wanted to watch TV so we had a few meltdowns until he realized that TV watching wasn't going to happen. Then he wasn't too bad about doing his chores.

The weather was perfect, 80ish and sunny (finally) for yard work. Our yard needed to mowed badly. I had asked that it be mowed while I was gone, but it didn't get done. I really do love to mow so I wasn't too upset.

I took a badly needed shower, started a new book, fixed burgers, roasted veggies (asparagus, & green beans) and fresh tomatoes for supper and turned in early.

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