Thursday, May 13, 2010

Long night with little sleep

Last night was a long stormy night with little sleep, until this morning. I seemed to sleeping so good when the alarm starting going off.

Last night about 5:30 there was amazing lighting. Hitting all around our house while I was trying to leave for the Wax Museum (I'll post about that later). As I pulled out of our little road, I saw lighting hit the tower on the next hill over. That was a cool first for me.

The sky was a just mildly rumbly when I went to bed, but then in the phones (all of them) started ringing. Our county has started a code alert where they'll call you if your home is in the line of storm. At 11:10 our home was in the line so the phones were ringing, we switch on the TV about the time the front line of storm hit. Fortunately for us just strong wind and heavy rain!

There was another storm around 1:30am but I guess my house wasn't in harm's way because my phone didn't ring! Just the thunder and lighting to awake me this time.

I will admit that I was sleeping with the mild smooth rolling thunder this morning when the alarm started going off!

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