Friday, September 17, 2010

something I look forward to everyday!

I've been reading this blog, Andrea Merriman. I've become so involved with this stranger's life that I can't wait to see if she's posted everyday. I read her FIRST!

You have to go visit her blog and start at the beginning. The very beginning, where her husband of almost 21 years confesses that he's been running a ponzi scheme for 20 years and milked innocent people out of millions, we're talking millions and millions and millions and millions...... 17 to 20 million.

How her life that went from worrying about if her children had the right St Patrick's day attire to being told her husband's life has been a complete lie for almost their entire married life. From being very well off to now a life with her 4 children, and NOTHING (no job, no home, no money)! From not having an enemy in the whole world to almost everyone you know hating you for what your husband had done to them. From living an every day life to having reporters peaking in your windows. From your children having freedoms, to now having to protect them from your neighbors.

This real life story is the best 'novel' I've ever read, I've cried with her. I've actually just sat her sobbing for her, to laughing as she documents her dating life, to cheering when she finally says, "it's time".


Deb G. said...

Shell...much the same as I look forward to your writing, thoughts and day to day "goings on", I trust your suggestion on good taste and interesting reads. =) I started reading and had to follow as well. Thanks for sharing!

Shelly said...

aww shucks, thanks Debbie!

Sandra said...

I'm hooked. What a story!