Monday, September 6, 2010

Diorama Labor day!

Yay, we're pros at this Diorama thing, last year we did a climate Diorama. This year (this weekend) we (G) were assigned a water cycle in 3d. G could pick a 3d poster, a mobile or a diorama. He put his plan on paper, and had strong feelings about 3 things, cotton balls for clouds, pipe cleaners at evaporation and blue glitter glue for the water.

We gathered our items from Hobby Lobby Saturday evening. A place you'd swear G had never been, as he found so many things he needed to save his money for and can't wait to go back and buy things! **a $17 bucket of soldiers and a foam sword that he didn't see the price of!

Well, we worked on it yesterday afternoon and then finished it up today. Wanna see?

UPDATE: we, ur G got a 100% on this! we're, hmmm he's very pleased!

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