Saturday, September 25, 2010

Friday, THE puking conversation and Angel, THE man

Today I subbed in Pre School. It is a half day, and filled with children at all levels from 3 to 5. It's a mentoring class so there are bright preschoolers and then some that need some guidance. It's always fun! Fun mainly because there are 10 children and 5 adults (sometimes 6 adults).

As the children were having center play, one little boy walked by me, stopped and said,

D ~ "Andy can't eat shrimp because he'll puke, but I can have shrimp and I won't puke."
Me ~ "oh, I'm glad you can eat shrimp, I like shrimp too"
D ~ "So it doesn't make you puke?"
Me ~ "no, I'm fine eating shrimp"
D ~ " I like Shrimp and I won't puke too."
just then another boy walked by added to the conversation,
boy ~ "I can puke too"

I walked off leaving the conversation hanging.....

Last week, the doctor's nurse, Angel, the man called and left a message that Hubby's surgery #3 was "taken care of". I didn't know what that meant, and Hubby was willing to just wait until Monday's doctor's appointment to see when the surgery was, BUT I wasn't. As the Mom of the house, there are plans to be adjusted, babysitters to call, a strategy to work out, and NO, I didn't want to just wait and see!

I called the surgery scheduling department to see what day the surgery planned for. Well, the surgery wasn't on the schedule!?! So, what did Angel, the man mean by it was "taken care of"? I don't know but I took the liberty of scheduling the surgery! It will be this week! Hubby is thrilled, he would have been happy if it would have been yesterday, so this week is perfect for him.

This doesn't give me much time but let's open the war room and get the plans working and moving.

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