Saturday, August 22, 2009

Update on this week ~

This week has been so nice ~ G and I have nice quiet evenings at home. For the past 4 years we have been running to sporting events (and I loved every minute of it) so it's nice to have a few weeks of quiet at home routine here. This quiet routine will not last once September gets here!

G has missed W, a couple of days when he'd get in the car he'd ask first thing if I'd talked to W that day. When bedtime hits he gets really missing him. He finally called him on Thursday (G was always too busy to call him any other day ... .missed him but was too busy to call him?!?!). W told him that when he ate dinner now it was like eating at Ryann's (their favorite place to eat) every day, and he'd played slip and slide down a big hill in rain! When G got off the phone he told me that he wants to go to school there too!

I've opened the windows to let the cool air in, I love it! the animals are a bit confused ~ they can hear us in here and they (mostly the cat) just whine at the windows! I wish this weather to last through the fall! think I can get my wish?

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