Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday Morning

What a busy little morning.

I was awaken by the phone ringing at 8:20 (yes, I was enjoying being in bed at 8:20). G got the phone (he certainly wouldn't want to miss answering the phone around here), it was the neighbor asking if he would like to go fishing. WOW things got lively around here then!

After I got him out the door I started in making brownies. I had made these wonderful cookie bars (2 pans actually). I'd really like to take credit for them but I just can't. They are WAY rich so I don't think I could ever make a pan just for my little family. These cookie bars and the brownies are going to a funeral dinner at church so there will be plenty of others to help eat them.

Then for the rest of this morning (all of 2 hours of it) I've been putter around.

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