Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Morning with W

This morning I meet W half way to get those things that we hadn't already gotten.
Mostly a printer, and desk things.
He looked tired, we met at 10am (which means he had to leave his place at 9:30am), before I left Hubby asked me who picked the time!?! W did, said he needed to start getting up early.

then to the mall for some extra shopping, but he's a guy so there wasn't any 'looking' just shopping.

We ate at a new place for us "bd's Mongolian Barbeque"
it was interesting and something I think would get better the more you go.......
You fill 'your bowl' from a 'meat bar' then the 'vegetable bar', then move onto the 'sauce bar' THEN on to the 'spice bar' yea that's alot of choices for someone who'd never been there before.
Then you are directed to the large grill where they cook 'your dish'
Never the same thing twice!
By the way .. W noticed that there weren't any Mongolians working there!

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