Saturday, July 31, 2010

5 fer Friday

1 ~ Early this morning (ok it was 9:30ish, that's early for W) I was greeted by W. When I asked him what time he'd gotten home, he laid into me! "Yea, No one called me to see where I was, no one woke up for me when I came home! It's like you guy just thought I was out of town! What's up with that?" Guess he has yet to figure out that I'm old and tired!
2~ Drop and give me 10, this is the new rule around here. If G argues with me and G argues with me about everything, then I say Drop and give me 10 and he has to do it, because if he argues it's 10 more! When he went to complain to hubby, hubby just stated, "WOW, then I wouldn't argue with her anymore!"
3 ~Hubby and G called a quail into the back yard yesterday, not just the back yard but right off the deck. All this happened while I was gone. But they were both quite excited to tell me. AND before you ask.. I'll tell you, they did it by whistling. I have one question and concern ~ just how stupid can quail be that they fall for a BobWhite from a 10 year old that can bearly whistle?!!?
4 ~ I went to a Walmart in a neighboring town and just let me say that All Walmarts are not created equal!
5 ~ I believe this was on Thursday evening but I was unofficially declared the worst mother ever ... I think that means I must be doing something RIGHT!?!


Sandra said...

was this the Paola Walmart?

Shelly said...

no I went to the Gardner Walmart. Compared to our Walmart it's like a Rodeo Drive Walmart! Have you been?

Sandra said...

I have been to that Walmart I think once. It was pretty bad too though! When I win the lottery, I will only shop at Target...someday! :D