Thursday, July 15, 2010

Life on Thursday

Maybe I should title this post, Kidnappers Come and get me!

I've had the most horrible picture on my drivers License for several years now, I think our state gives them for 6 years. That's just WAY too long if you have a yucky picture!

Several years ago W went through a time where he was losing his wallet every few months and thus getting a new drivers license every few months. One of these new license had a horrible picture also, I referred to it as his 'stoner picture' you the know the kind where his eyes are half open/half closed.

2 generations of horrible driver's license picture!

It was at this time that a woman in our general area went missing. Her picture everywhere you turned, I began to realize that it was her driver's license picture . Panic began to set in... What if I got kidnapped and my driver's license picture was plastered all over!?! They'd never find me, I don't look THAT horrible everyday, do I?

I can remember being in the kitchen with W one night when the girl's picture came on TV and telling him that if I were to disappear please, please make sure the media has a better picture of me than my Driver's license picture! He agreed but made me promise that I wouldn't let them use the 'stoner' picture .... THEN the real panic set in WHAT if we were kidnapped together???
We'd look like a real lovely bunch .. greasy momma and stone teenager!

W fortunately lost his wallet again after that, and I TODAY renewed my license which has a much better picture! I can go missing now!

I'm still debating on whether to post my horrible picture!

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Wil said...

Well my current picture makes me look like I'm 12. Which is worse? Baby face with long hair, or Stoner with long hair?

I need a new one with the shaved head now.

PS: I haven't lost my wallet again since that 3 month phase of losing it twice