Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday's update

This past week ....
*We watched it rain
*We watched it rain
and We watched it rain

OK, get the drift it rained all week

I suppose the highlight of week was for G. He went to a birthday party to a HUGE water park. Yes they got rained on for a short while but then got to enjoy the park on cloudy day. G enjoyed it so much that all he can talk about now is how he's going back SOON!

As for an update on Hubby, let's see he's watched about a million hours of' TV. I'm sure he's watch a billion people die and then their assassins be brought to justice. They're having a free month of foreign and Independent movies this month so now he can watch people die on a lower budget and foreign people die!

He has also watched every World Cup game (not just this week but for the past month), the long hours (agonizing to me) of the golf tourney at Pebble beach, the longest match at Wimbledon, not to mention other lesser moments in sports! I've also found him watching a Madonna concert!?!

In an effort to not go crazy (with hubby's remote flipping) I've read 3 books over the past couple of weeks (look for their reviews coming soon).

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