Saturday, July 3, 2010

Week Recap

**This week G started his swim lessons, these are a waste of time and money. Hubby thinks he should finish all the levels offered by the Red Cross, so we signed up. What Hubby doesn't realize is that Gabe can swim. AND swim REALLY REALLY well, after this session we're DONE!

**Took Hubby to the get blood work done on Monday and then to see the Doctors on Tuesday. We waited for over an hour to get into a room!?! Every thing looks fine, and please come back in 2 weeks! Music to our ears!
** I usually go with the "it's their hair and as long as it is 'shaped up' they can have it as long as they want it. Hubby goes with the shave it off philosophy! G was into having his way with his hair this summer. This week I told him it needed to shaped up... he said, "I want hair like Tim Howard." Music to hubby's ears...WHAT you don't know who Tim Howard is???

He's the goalie for the American World cup team! and notice the hair? or lack of it!

G is disappointed that I can't get his hair cut as close as Tim's!

G's instructions now ..
"just as long as it's shaggy for winter time, we're good."
**We've watched a Momma KillDeer for the past couple of weeks protect her 4 eggs

**I put hubby and G to work making a catapult this week!
I think they did a pretty good job, huh?

Ok, honestly I think hubby made the above while G worked on the below!?!

**and as ever there was constant game of living room soccer with both boys and sometime Megan! sigh....

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