Friday, July 2, 2010

It's five for Friday time!

1. Sleeping in... well sort of. Hubby gets a IV med at 6am, but it can be late (and it can be earlier, but the morning dose hasn't ever been given early) so I gave it at 7am this morning. I know I'm old when it's a luxury to sleep into 7am. Between this medicine time and swim team, I'll be glad for school to start so I can sleep in to 7 every morning.


W was called into sub for a swim lesson instructor.
He's a lifeguard so he can sit in with another instructor.
When we got there for G's swim lessons, W was one of his
instructors. This seemed to be W's position for all of G's lesson!

3. Hubby smoked a Brisket today. It was so nice to pull in the drive smell the wonderful aroma and then realize it was coming from my back deck! Supper was sooo gooood!

4. G and I went to the pool late today. I sat reading while G jump off the diving boards a 100x. He's got one jump (the pencil) but calls it different things ... Like the Bacon jump. He does his Pencil jump while yelling "BACON" Today he worked on getting his 180 to a 360. yep, you got it, it's a turning pencil!

5. I started a new book, and already have a quote that I love.
"A fever that high can boil your brain and cause permanent damage, So don't ever tell anyone you had it. You do, you might have trouble catching a husband."

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Aaron Younger said...

I like the quote that you say. So cool and interesting. Got to share with my girlfriend about it. Looking forward to your new book...