Thursday, June 2, 2011

Life on Thursday

WOW 6:15am came so much earlier today than the rest of the week! The novelty of Swim team Taxi is wearing off! Still we made it there by 7am, I worked out of for my hour.

Got organized with the classes offered at the same time I'll be there so I'll do a couple of classes during the week.

at 9am I delivered G to his Basketball camp. Where he begged me to text W and have him pick him up. Yeah it's true W picking you up is WAAAaaayyyy more cool than your mom. When I asked G yesterday if that was true, he just hugged me real tight and said, "yeah Mom it is"

Came home cleaned up my kitchen, went through the paper that just piles up!

I arranged for a friend to come over this afternoon. They pulled up the same time G and W did.

Then I sat on the phone in front of the computer all afternoon working on problems.
I've gone to online banking with almost all of my accounts .... well, I keep getting locked out of one account! I have to call them every month to help me get in ... today was that day. I then wrote all the information down and case caution to the wind. If a theft can find it in my piles of paper around my computer then more power to them.... I won't even be able to find them in 30 days!

They are previewing the new Food Pyramid today ... it's now a food plate, it makes sense until I realized that it could easily be a pizza!?

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