Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Half Wall and Two and a Half Men

I have this odd wall. Well it's odd to decorate. It's a fairly large span of wall but it's in two rooms, my dining room and my living room! The two rooms are split by a half wall on that wall. It's just odd either way.

I've wanted for years to put things on that wall and have tried to do a few things but it just never looked right. I might also add that I have really high ceilings so that just makes the wall look bigger and more empty!

After pondering this wall for a few days, I was sitting in my favorite chair watching Two and a Half Men (late one night) and I noticed (once again) their Art work on the range hood. I knew instantly that I could do the same thing on THAT wall!

I set out to find the right piece of metal work ... found it in no time (one trip to Hobby Lobby) and it was half off! Loved that Part!

It took a couple of weeks for Hubby and I to get it hung. OK I just have to say that man is a geniuses when it comes to hanging things! He measured, measured again, maybe even a 3rd time and them had me measure down and over, hammer in 2 nails, I hit the studs (amazing) and the piece was hung! I love that Man!

I do have to say that he was concerned that it wasn't in the middle of the wall, but if you notice it's centered with the half wall!

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