Friday, June 17, 2011

Lfie on Thursday

**up at 6:15am
**out the door by 6:50
I don't know what happened there, but I'm sure I can blame it on a very sleepy G!
G has been enjoying some late nights this week!
**working out with lead legs by 7:20am
man these legs didn't want to move this morning.
I blame it on the fact that I've always taken Thursdays off, but the swim coach didn't want to take Thursday off this year!
**Noon ~it's sprinkling while I'm sitting in the chair at the beauty shop (does anyone call it that anymore?) telling Mandy to just shave my head! For some reason this year this super fine hair of which I have tons of is a mess! I tell her what and where the problems are and she works her magic. I love her!

12:40 ~ G and I head to Applebees for lunch. I have the ever yummy Oriental grilled Chicken salad while he chooses Mac and Cheese, which I reject and tell him to try again! He then orders a steak!

1:30 ~ we head to the 'farm store' to look for some work/hiking boots for G. No luck!

We head back home to chill! and yes it's chilly, raining and cloudy. G actually opts for a blanket while we read scriptures.

THEN the phone call that I'd been waiting for! The AC repair man! Our AC has been out for the past week! After several visits (some late at night) they finally figured out the problem and then had to order the part! Yeah, there have been some sultry nights around here! along with some dang HOT days (hence some of the frustration with my wild hair). There were also some great and beautiful days (high in the 70's). BUT really if I can't sleep well, it's not good!

We had grilled chicken thighs, with roasted Asparagus and corn on the cob for supper!

OH and I ordered G some work/hiking boots from Kohl's for $20 that a double good thing!

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