Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Thoughts

Yesterday I attended our annual

Women's Conference.

I was really needing this morning and it didn't disappoint me!

It was set up where we could pick and choose the mini classes that fit us best.

I choose *Nauvoo, *learning from the best books, and *Journaling.

During the Nauvoo class I was impressed that I should research and study the lives of the women that lived there. Their trials were great but they stood firm to what they believed in and prevailed. I could (and will) learn alot from them.

Learning from the best books ~ The teacher was captivating. She drew me in and made me want to read MORE. She brought a huge selection of children's books and talked about the importance of books in children's lives. She told us about just a few of her favorite books and now I want so much to read those too!

Journaling ~ Well, I don't have a journal, I have a blog. This teacher give us several ideas of how to journal and some of her ideas were quite intriguing. The thing I was most impressed with was the thought from another lady in the class. She said (something like) our grandchildren will be interested in our lives because they will only know us as a grandma who can cook wonderfully, who has a clean house, who can do anything ..... when they read our journals they will see that our lives are just like theirs!

Then there were the closing remarks,

I loved this the most


I'll share those with you another time.

Stay Tuned!

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