Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Ramblings ~ Decluttering!

I have a horribly clutter room!
It's above my garage.
It's cold in the winter, hot in the summer.
The lights have mysteriously stopped working up there!?!
It's the room that if you're coming to visit and I have things to stash,
those things go into that room.
It's also storage for all of Christmas,
all crafts, Halloween,
all things that need a stopping place before leaving our home (toys),
Easter, games, old family things, pictures,
school supplies, and for all things that might not be needed at all!
After watching Peter Walsh on the new OWN
(Oprah Winfrey Network) yesterday.
He made a comment that hit me.
"If you're keeping Memories from the past
and things you might need in the future,
then you're not living in the PRESENT!"
Remember my 2011 resolutions ...
Yesterday, I went up for just a few minutes and made all sorts of head way in that room, and then just went up there this morning! The trash is full, the recycling is full and the pile for 'Give & Take' (at church we take things we don't want that others may want. At the end of the evening everything left goes to charity! The key here is to give and not take!) is full also.
One Valuable lesson I learned from the FlyLady years ago is to only work in 20 minutes increments. I usually work for 2 20 minute increments. It's amazing what just 20 (or 40 minutes) can do!
My family's reaction to my de cluttering this room is so very typical of them ....
G ~ "hey, I love that, it's my favorite" (to the item he hasn't seen in years)
W ~ "you shouldn't just trash it or give it away, we should have fun and burn it all"
Hubby ~ "out of all the things to declutter you start with that room" (complains about that room but not happy when I do something about it! never happy, that man!)
Don't worry I'm not getting rid of pictures or old family things,
but I am putting them all in the same area.
If I love these things I need to treat them like I love them!
everything else is being considered and being happily tossed!

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Anonymous said... soon as I can stop blowing and wiping my nose and eyes.....I want to declutter !!!

You have started a movement...
thats a good thing.

Your Mamma