Sunday, January 30, 2011

I have survived

and I have survived well!

This surgery was not as bad as I was prepared for. I seem to do that prepare of the worst!

1 ~My surgeon was 45 minutes late.
2 ~They were able to break it mostly lose by just manipulation but still broke things up arthroscopically. I have two little stitch marks.
3~ I got the most wonderful shoulder block (lasted over 24 hours). I was actually doing a load of laundry Thursday morning. (see #6)
4 ~ I tried to sleep in bed at least one night too soon!
5~ I'm so grateful for my friends that brought food to feed my family.
6~ G got the flu, the throwing up kind.
7 ~ I felt like I was rushed out of the outpatient surgery, it was after 5pm.
8~ I've already had Physical Therapy.
9~ I've realized the bad part of sleeping on the left side of the bed. It's my left arm.
10 ~ When I ripped off the bandage, I ripped a small piece of skin off my back. Seriously, why did this bandage need to go all the way down my back? I've got to get this arm moving cuz this little piece of healing skin is going to itch like crazy!
11 ~ I learned to sleep with that U shaped pillow that I never knew had to sleep with before.
12~ Today, day 4 is the first day that I haven't reached for some sort of medication just after my feet hit the floor. I've still not had any meds.
13~ G being sick does not mean that he was quiet or still.
14~ I briefly decided that I didn't need surgery once the shoulder block doctor told me all the negative things that could happen!
15~ my family took good care of me.

Now I'm off to take a shower, I thought I'd better get this written before the shower since that could change the entire tone of this post!

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