Thursday, January 6, 2011

Life on Thursday

First of all this post #900!
*Took G to school
*Dropped a bag of clothes off at the thrift store
*Tried to dropped off the recycling but the trucks were gone ?!?
I quickly call a friend yelling, "Where are the trucks?" Panic was setting in and then the thought "what if they do away with the recycling trucks!" Could I actually go back to throwing away milk jugs and cardboard? I just went into the land of denial.... it just couldn't be! I took my recycling to the friend's house, since the town recycling is going to be picked up tomorrow! She saves me again!
*Then off to a great workout. I walked for an hour then worked on strengthen this stuck shoulder of mine! I just don't get this shoulder of mine, stuck STUCK STUCK it is making some progress in some positions but some are just aren't making progress at all!
*Came home
*Paid Bills
*Sorted paper
*tossed paper
*made phone calls that I'd been putting off
*performed a quick decluttering job up stairs (YAY)
*Went to get G
*Grocery Shopping
*Dropped some decluttering treasures off at a friends
*Home again Home again
*put groceries up
*cleaned the kitchen
*Back to town for G's basketball practice
*dropped G off while I went to check on the recycling trucks ... they just really be gone!
THEY WERE THERE! I wanted to dance on them!
*Watched G's practice
*Wee Wee Wee all the way home .....again
*fixed (pan) grilled chicken sandwiches, raw veggies and fries for supper
*finished cleaning the kitchen
*Blog this day
*Now off to take a shower and hit the hay!

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