Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Thoughts ~ Forgiveness

Today the talks in church were concerning Forgiveness.

WOW just this week I was holding a grudge... More of a "I'm not going to be nice until you say you're sorry" attitude! Today the words took care of that!

**"I, the Lord will forgive whom I will forgive BUT you are required to forgive ALL"
**To be in the right we must forgive
**Forgiveness is an individual responsibility
**Peace and forgiveness are intertwined
**with what you judge you shall also be judged

After Church G and I were going to visit our new temple site. I called my friend Stephanie a couple of time to see if she wanted to go with us, but she didn't answer! Just before I left, I called her house phone, she answered and she and her husband wanted to go. I was abit surprised that her husband wanted to go, but the more the merrier!
I'm excited to tell you that it takes exactly 1 hour (from our church's parking lot) to get to the temple. Currently we drive 4 hours! What a huge blessing it will be to have a temple so close!

As we were driving around the temple site, snapping pictures. The car started shaking, there was something wrong with a tire. Stephanie's husband discovered we had a couple of bubbles on our tire. I suppose the belt separated on the drive up there. As Stephanie and walked around the temple, G and Stuart changed the tire. Just another Tender Mercy from the Lord!

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