Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday's Ramblings ~ things heard from my boys

Yesterday Hubby spoke in Church, during his talk he stated that he was about to quote the Chinese Philosophiser, Confucius. Just as Hubby was stating this G turned to me and started laughing, saying .."Dad shouldn't speak in Chinese, he really needs to stick to English."

HUH?? Silly Boy
Today, I texted W asking him if he was going to be home for supper?

W's text ~ "yes, I'll be there, and G really needs a hair cut today"
I stopped to make sure it was W I was chatting with, I though maybe it was Hubby, but no it was W!
Me ~ "G is in a long hair stage right now"
story enhanced ~ last night we had a thunderstorm and G went downstairs to sleep in W's room.
W ~ "He walked into my room last night with only his underwear on and it looked like he had a motorcycle helmet on."

I started laughing hysterical, I couldn't look at poor G with his puffy hair. I then told him we had to 'shape up' his hair.

When I texted W back to say the job was done, he asked "How short?"

Background to the next story .....Last year around Christmas W was shopping and signed up to get Sports Illustrated for free (for 3 mos), Sports Illustrated sent us a card about making sure it was cancelled by Feb 1st. I was hopped up on shoulder narcotics around then so the subscription continued. G has just absorbed this magazine every week. So I went to the Library to get some Sports Illustrated for Kids. He liked those so I got him a subscription to that and planned to cancel the regular Sports Illustrated after March Madness's College Basketball issues.

I was totally waiting for the Sports Illustrated swim suit edition so I could make sure that G didn't get it! Fortunately for us the mail came early that day and we were in the car together when G got it out of the mailbox. With only the swiftness of a mom on a mission, I swooped in and grabbed the magazine before the boy even knew what had hit him! I hid all the mail until the next morning after G had gone to school! When I pulled out the pile of mail and handed it to Hubby, his eye got huge! in a stern voice he asked, "Who bought this?" I reminded him that we had a subscription .... with even bigger eyes ...."They send THIS with the little kid's subscription?" I corrected his thoughts before his eyes fell out of this head! He was so funny!

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