Saturday, February 12, 2011

Being Social

Tonight was the 2nd Saturday night in a row that I was out past 9pm!
I know that's shocking.
I took naps for both of them.
I know that's sad!
Last week I went to a baby shower that started at 6:30pm.
It was supper, games and then fun baby things.
Tonight I went to the Y's Winter Gala. I don't know why it's the Winter Gala, there isn't a summer Gala, or even a Spring or Fall Gala, but it is the Winter Gala. My friend Stephanie purchased a table and I got to have a seat at the table. The food was good, the company was good so it was all good.
our dark picture of the night!

There was a silent auction, I didn't bid on things, until the very end. Friend, Trainer, Y employee and Gala organizer, Michelle came to me and asked me to bid a this super cute iron tea cart up. Seems the Area Y director's wife had seen it at the beginning of the night and said she was going home with it, no matter what it cost! Michelle thought it was going too cheap and my job was to run it up! I could only run it up by $10 before the time was up. The director's wife took it home for $141! still way too cheap. That was fun!

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