Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Ramblings ~ Camera Purge

My camera doesn't talk to my computer!?! Both work great independently of each of they just can't get it together (it's a union thing I'm sure!). Most of the pictures I post here are from my phone, but I do still take pictures with my camera and when I have time I put the memory card in Hubby's laptop, download the pictures then burn a disc and move them in to my computer! Not a horrible process but still a process!

Here are some great shots from the latest Camera Purge ...

G's New Year's Party ~

The boys at Midnight
(Just after their fireworks)

Obviously I'm not the only one taking pictures ~

Ya, I created that
or should I say I gave birth to that!
He created THAT!
Outside my Bedroom Window ~

What you can't see is the Cat lurking around the tree!
My animals love me! ~

Last month I was hanging the last set of new curtains in my bedroom. When I started there wasn't anyone outside the window. By the time I finished they were both there, with their tail wagging!

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