Thursday, February 10, 2011

Life on Thursday

First things first ... it is Freezing! When we left for school this morning it was ~14!

I subbed today. I've got an on going subbing position with the lower elementary's science teacher. It's on going in the respect that she only calls me to sub for her. Now the truth is her children are grown (youngest is W's age), so she doesn't have sick kids, she isn't sick so I only sub for her when she wants a day off.

Good side of this is... I get advanced warning
Bad side of's not very often.

I taught the Water cycle to 2nd and 1st graders.

Now this lady has been teaching for around 25 years, so her lesson plans aren't very sub oriented. Meaning, it's not enough for a sub. For an hour class I have 2 books to read. NOT ENOUGH. I came up with a couple of other things so I had 45 minutes worth of stuff but still I hate to sing and dance with a class. Oh, well it means that I earn my $$$. I get to go back to they same thing tomorrow but I at least have the singing and dancing down from today!

I do have to say that 1st graders just have a smell to them!?!? They smell farty all the time! OK, not all of them, but today while I was reading a book, I thought I was going to have to open a window! and I have was in a good size room, a huge room in fact... Sheeeszzz it was strong! If a class is going to stink it's going to be a first grade class!

G had a rare Thursday night game this week. They lost! They've finally gotten some more boys on their team. They had 7 to start the season, then one broke his ankle (the coach's son) and one just quite (claiming he just didn't know how to play). This put a strain on the rest of the team. They didn't have any subs and they couldn't miss. I don't what happened but they came up with 2 more players and the kid that broke his ankle got his cast off! So now that the season is almost over they have subs!

I drove through Burger King after the game and it was burgers for all!

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