Thursday, February 3, 2011

Life on Thursday

W and Hubby finally ventured out after the big Blizzard of 2011. From our house (inside looking out), we fared well. There's not much snow on the field but there are knee high drifts at all the doors! There are places with around a foot (that's not a drift) and then hay popping through in the field. How do you measure when it's like that!

We woke up to -9 degrees (had been down to -14) this morning, no wind! No School for G (hasn't been since Monday).

G and I had a relaxing morning. We downloaded a new game this week, Burger Shop 2, so we took turns playing this but then I wondered to kitchen and mildly cleaned out the frig and then I started in on my long list of phone calls (appointments), and could get G into the eye doctor today, so things picked up for us.

I showered and we were off. This was a big accomplishment for me since this was the first day I had really done things swiftly. My arm ached all through my errands but it's still fine.

G's eye exam ~ he'll be getting new glass

(we're hoping to just order lenses that fit his glass now)

Walmart ~

G and I have been working on these super fabulous Valentines this year!

I can't wait to show you!

lunch ~

our town has a new Burger King

delivered dishes and thank yous

to those that had brought meals to my family while I was out with my shoulder

Post office

Home ~

Only to find out that I'd left the doctor's office without paying. They were going to call my insurance to see if it was in the system and I was suppose to drop right back by there and pay.......totally forgot about it! I'll be stopping by there in the morning!
Tonight's supper will be a simple burgers and fries with carrots with ranch to dip them in!

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