Thursday, February 17, 2011

Life on Thursday ~ Hallelujah all Day!

Hallelujah it was a great workout! I walked 4.1 miles in an hour! It's still not 1/2 marathon speed but it's getting there! I needed a great workout since my pants are getting tight! Blasted Valentine's Candy!

Then off to the grocery store in all my stinky mess!

I came home to find W still at home. I could tell by his truck still in the drive. I had done a step class yesterday so I was too sore to really go downstairs to see what was wrong. I finally did go, groaning all the way! He had just over slept.

Then to make the most Hallelujah salad for tonight, love love love it!

Laundry laundry Laundry Laundry.

I must say it was a Hallelujah record setting day. Sunny and 75 by 1pm!
I believe last Thursday was a record setting day too, but for the opposite reason! Not so much a Hallelujah day, but that was last week!

Then back to church to set up for tonight's Relief Society Meeting. Home to shower and head back to church.

The Meeting was on Exercise "Run and Not be Weary, Walk and Not faint" it the famous Michelle, of friend, Y trainer fame gave the talk.

She talked about how we don't do the things we used to do, like sit on the floor. Why don't we do that? We should make an effort to sit on the floor and practice getting up. Why don't we skip? Skipping is great exercise. Ok, I can sit on the floor and get up. I don't look too graceful getting up but I can get up. SKIPPING? Nah, I'm not going to do that! There are alot of things that at 45 year old woman just can't pull off, and skipping seems to be in that category!

She talked about setting goals? What is a realistic goal? and what are you going to do to attain it. Daily do something to move you closer to your goal, plus make a change in your diet for the better.

We had healthy snacks, Quinoua, salad, and Hummus.

Side note ... After much prayer about tonight (earlier this week) I was prompted to share an event where I felt the blessing of being fit and why I feel like it's important to be fit. I won't share the whole story, but it really comes down to we never know when we'll be asked to "Run and not be weary, Walk and not faint" we have to prepared for that. There was a day a few years ago that my son needed me to be somewhere, it was important to him to have me there. Time was running short, and I had to jog to get there, through a series of events I had to jog much further than I'd really planned on. I was able to do it because I had prepared physically. Even though I've not been as fit through the years the Lord has always reminded me of that day, and reminded me of the importance to always be prepared phyiscally.

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