Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Git 'r Done Tuesday

Today was
Git 'r Done Tuesday
at my house!
WOW! I loved it!
On any Tuesday I start early with a list and just start marking things off. Today's mode was a if I open a draw I look to see if there is something I can do to make it better.
Can I throw it away? Can I donate something?
Today, I was mostly in the Kitchen this morning.
I loaded the dishwasher, did a quick look through the refrigerator, tossing old things, quickly wiping down the shelves. Swept the floor, wiped down all the counters. Then I moved over to the china cabinet for a quick couple of minutes. I worked on the drawers, ALOT got tossed there!
I love to toss things!
Around noon Stephanie brought a yummy lunch from Molly's Table.
Vegetarian lasagna (with chicken???), a roll and a salad.
Then we got to work.
First upstairs. I had Stephanie work on packing up quilts, and baby clothes. I had purchased tubs months ago so it all had a place, I just needed her to put things in them! I worked on a shelf in the room. There was a ton tossed! and a ton donated! I loved working up there!
Then we came down to the kitchen again. Stephanie and I wiped down my cabinet doors. She's tall so she got the top ones and I got the lower ones.
The last thing ... I set Stephanie up on Facebook.
Even W and G got in on the Git 'r Done mode.
While we were upstairs W replaced a light for me and G (& I) carried all the toss/donate items down from up stairs.
Then G did it!
he swept out the garage without being asked!?
Miracles do happen!

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