Thursday, March 17, 2011

Life on Thursday

I was off and running this morning after putting on my GREEN shirt (Happy St Patrick's Day), I went to visit a friend, went to set up the church for tonight, then I headed to volunteer at G's AR store.

They get points for reading and then they can redeem those points for items. There is always a bigger item, a field trip that they can save their points for and purchase in the spring. I believe there is something smaller in the fall (maybe a movie). Today was the day they could redeem their points so I worked the store for an hour.

It was horribly humid outside and the temp was rising. I actually turned the AC on as I was driving. There was a strong wind and usually that blows the humidity out of here but not today! Shewww it was sticky.

I came home, piddle around when I got just absolutely exhausted. I laid down and SLEPT. I might not have told you this but I was discovered by W, so I might as well fess up! I NAPPED and it FELT GOOD!

Then I watched W watch the NCAA tourny. Our family, as usual filled out their brackets (the deadline was Tuesday, yes there was a deadline this year for your bracket to be posted on the frig!?) and now they sit and watch their bracket fall apart! I believe at one point I heard W state, "This is alot of stress! I don't think I can take it."

Then it was time to run again. Tonight was Relief Society's Monthly Meeting. (Relief Society is our woman's group at church) It was an easy going evening, the ladies were encouraged to bring items that they just never got around to doing and get them done! There were sewing machines set up so there was sewing, there was sorting of pictures, there was logging family history into a computers and then there was just sitting around and visiting! We then had several ladies share some of the preparedness tips.

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