Thursday, March 24, 2011

life on Thursday

I always like to do some sort of learning field trip during spring break. So today G, his friend and I went to the Money Museum in the Federal Reserve.

Before entering the Reserve, we had to go through security! I tried to take a picture of the boys walking through, but I was quickly informed that I could not take pictures of the security system. This included any of the camera bubbles, believe me this was not an easy task, there were camera bubbles all over the ceiling and all over the walls! A brick of Gold We got to see how heavy it was (by pulling a lever) and how much it was currently worth. The history of coins
Make our own money with our picture in it!

See what several million dollars looked like!

Then of course the most exciting part for the boys was the watching the operations of the vault!

Of course no picture taking there!

It's was all computerized with robot fork lifts.

The fork lifts were named

Hewie, Dewie and Lewie

they ran on sensors in the floor.

They went up and down this long hall, picking up and

delivering money to the work rooms!

We got to watch one of the work rooms.

The room with $20s and $1's

We'd started our day with lunch at Ryan's

(Gabe's favorite that no one ever goes for)

WOW that trip there was enough to hold me for awhile.

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